Name   Title   Representation
Mr. Masoud Humaid  Malik Al Harthy Chairman Self
Mr. Qais Mohamed Al Yousef Deputy Chairman Fincorp Investment Co. LLC
Mr. Shabir Musa Abdullah Al Yousef Director Self
Mr. Abdulredha Mustafa Sultan Director Self
Mr. Qaboos Abdullah Mohamed Al Khonji Director Al Khonji Invest LLC
Sh. Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Said Badr Al Rawas Director Self
Mr. Nasser Said Al Hadi Director Self

The Company is managed by professionals with the guidance of the policies set out by the Board and under its overall supervision.

The Board of Directors is complimented by two sub-committees :

Nomination Remuneration and Executive Committee

Mr. Qais Mohamed Al Yousef Chairman
Mr.Shabir Musa Al Yousef Member
Mr.Qaboos Abdullah Mohamed Al Khonji Member

Audit committee

Mr.Nasser Said Al Hadi Chairman
Mr.Abdulredha Mustafa Sultan Member
Mr.Shabir Musa Al Yousef Member